Global Mission

Anchor Community Church supports West View Academy which is a school in a village in south west Kenya, called Chungni, near Migori. It is for the children of poor families, and for orphans. The school is funded through giving. Just £5 per month pays for each child’s school fees, and contributes towards the salaries of the teachers. Currently the teachers are paid half of that paid to government funded schools but our objective is that there will be parity in due time. However school fees for these schools are much much higher which is the reason why so many children, mainly in the bush, are not going to school. The school is faith based, teaching about Jesus Christ. The intention is to build a total of eleven classes and one computer room. Three pre-Primary, eight Primary (aged 5-16), and a computer room. We also want to build a staff room for the teachers, and a Dormitory which will double up as a Dining Hall.

Pastor Ben Davies and his wife, Nicky, have visited the school and are keen for Anchor Community Church to gift money to the school on a regular basis to encourage the Christian growth of pupils and provide necessary equipment.  Our Youth club have been instrumental in helping to provide swings and play equipment for the school.


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Covid-19 Update 😷Lockdown is easing...

We are finally able to meet in person in the church building, and we have planned in some community events in preparation for when lockdown is lifted

However there are limits on how many people we can have in the the building at one time. We would LOVE to see you at one of our services, however please contact us via the Facebook page or the contact us option on the website before you come, to check if we can accommodate you on the day. 

We hope to see you very soon!